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Girl Power    (10/2/2015)

As part of the Essex County Marathon held last week (26th and 27th Septembers), Legend Explorer Girls came home with the Trophy for Novice All Girls Team! Well done girls!

Leaders are Finalists    (10/2/2015)

Dave Willis and Stuart Donnelly have be chosen as "finalists" in the Award for Youth section of the Essex County Standard Essex Education Awards. Watch this space - we'll tell you how we do!

Explorers meet UK Commissioner    (7/25/2015)

Legend Explorers got a special invite to the Essex Scouting AGM, where they took part in climbing and axe throwing. Followed by BBQ and a chance to mix with the good and mighty of Essex Scouting. They even spent time with Alex Peace-Gadsby the UK Commissioner, sharing ideas and having a good giggle.

1st June 2014 – Scout Community Week    (6/20/2014)

Legend Explorer Scouts took up Scout Community Week starting a day early and it was our chance as a unit to raise some needed funds to buy new equipment, ingredients, special badges and help fund some of the future activities. This year we had been invited to Christ Church in Coggeshall to help their volunteer gardener tidy up the area used by many people in Coggeshall and surrounding area. Christ Church is not only a place of worship but also a centre of activity from everything from Coffee & Chat, Youth Clubs to Yoga and Social Club for the Elderly.

By giving the front and back a tidy up , Legend Explorers were able to make this a more welcoming place.

Task for completed:
  • Cut edging of main drive way
  • Remove all weeds from edge of field
  • Remove long grass from edge of field
  • Rack all shingle around car park back into place
  • Lunch in the field
  • Couple of games

JOTT    (5/19/2014)

Members of Legend Explorers took up the challenge of JOTT (Jamboree on the Trail). This year they went south of Coggeshall checking footpath signs, looking for GeoCache and having a good time.

James goes to Windsor    (4/29/2014)

Last Sunday 27.Apr.2014 Mr Jame Willis was at Windsor Castle for the Queen Scout Award Ceremony. James is the first person from Legend ESU to get the Queen Scout award and of course he showed his colours - black and white, through and through.

Well done James!

GeoCache coins    (4/16/2014)

Our 2 Geocache coins are on the move again. Worth a good look...

Coin 1 is now in China
Coin 2 is now in London

Always good to see these guys moving around!

International Trip    (4/16/2014)

Five members and one of the leader have just returned from an amazing trip to Poland. During this trip they saw the Jewish Ghetto, Auschwitz I and II, the city of Kracov, museums, castles, dragons, salt mines, ghost tours and a lot of walking!

This means that these members are the first within Legend ESU to obtain the Union Badge and International Scarf.

Growth    (4/16/2014)

Legend Explorers are going from strength to strength. In the past 18 months we have gone from 6 members to 25 and it looks like we are going to have even more!

James Willis journey to become a Queen Scout    (10/18/2013)

My name is James Willis, I’m 17 years old and I am an Explorer Scout in Legend Explorer Scout Unit. Legend ESU is based in Coggeshall, Essex and part of the Braintree District.

Over the past few years I have been working towards my Queen Scout Award, Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award (DofE) and completion of training to become a fully qualified Young Leader.

When I joined Explorers in 2009 I knew that I wanted a challenge and something to work towards so I started planning what I needed to do for the top award a young person can achieve within the Scout Association, which is the Queen Scout Award. I started with Bronze DofE and completed that in under a year and was then awarded my Platinum Chief Scout Award. The DofE Awards are split into three sections – Volunteering, Skill and Physical plus an Expedition. For my volunteering section, I helped out at my local Cub Pack, which was required for 12 weeks but, I was enjoying it so much, I continued on with the volunteering past the 12 weeks and am still helping out now! To continue volunteering at the Cub Pack though I had to start Young Leader Training, this initially consisted of training modules A – K, starting with child safety & protection and finishing with First Aid training. After you have finished all the modules you complete the four missions which is simply putting your training into practice. The missions took approximately a year to complete and when I had successfully finished these I was awarded with my Young Leader belt buckle, which means that I am a fully qualified Young Leader. The expedition for Bronze consisted of a 2 day practice expedition in Danbury, Chelmsford and the qualifier expedition in Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk. For each of the DofE expeditions you work in teams of 4 or 5 people planning the route, covering the specified distance over the duration of the two days, being totally self-sufficient, carrying tents, food, water, appropriate clothing, cooking equipment, maps and first aid kit.

Moving on, I then progressed to my Silver DofE, which consists of the same sections as Bronze but, for longer periods of time. The practice expedition was held in Kent and the qualifier in the Peak District, both for 3 days, 2 nights. When I had completed the Silver Award I was awarded with my Diamond Chief Scout Award. The main topic though was completing my Gold DofE, which forms a large part for gaining the Queen Scout Award. For my DofE Gold volunteering section, I applied to be a member of the Volunteer Team at Colchester Zoo, working 6 hour days every other week. This was a requirement for 12 months but I have enjoyed it so much, I am still there now and plan to continue, even though I have finished my DofE. Working at the Zoo I am in a customer facing role, giving directions and helping with general customer assistance. I also play a main role in the feeding times of the Elephants and Giraffes, handing out food and directing the public.

For my skills section of Gold DofE I focused on motorbike riding. For a year I rode my motorbike to and from College everyday, improving my skills and safety on the roads. For the physical section of the Award, I used my road running, where I ran regularly and was in training for the 10km race in London in July. For Gold there is also an extra section called the residential, for this I spent two week on site at the 2012 Essex Jamboree assisting with the set up and pack down. The Expedition stage of the Gold DofE is quite significant and takes a lot of preparation. There are two expeditions that must be completed over 4 days, 3 nights each - the practice expedition was completed in the Yorkshire Dales and the qualifier in the Lake District. The practice in the Yorkshire Dales was a hard few days, as it rained continuously every day but, the team pulled together and we had a brilliant time completing the challenge together, which was so rewarding at the end. The qualifying expedition was in the Lake District and we were there for a week. The expedition lasted 4 days and 3 nights and was the hardest challenge. The first and second day we had beautiful weather and the sun was shining but, on the third day the heavens opened to a torrential downpour but, the waterproofs worked a treat! Across the 4 days we hiked over 80km and climbed some incredible heights, seeing parts of the country you would never normally get to see and I am very proud to say I didn’t get any blisters!!

During the DofE Awards I met some amazing people and formed some really special bonds with my team mates. It was an amazing experience, which taught me many life skills in team work, discipline, independence, survival, first aid and never giving up!

Lake District August 2012 – Gold Qualifying Expedition

The Duke of Edinburgh Award, although it forms a large part of the Queen Scout Award, it is not the only thing that you need to do in order to achieve it. There are several other components to complete, which are:
· Be a member of the Explorer Scouts for a minimum of 18 months.
· Complete 18 nights away as an Explorer.
· Complete two activities from the International Environmental Values List – for which I completed the International and Environmental Partnership Awards.

I have been a member of the Scout Association for just over 11 years, since joining Beavers at the age of 6 and during this time I have been very lucky to have fantastic leaders in each Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and now Explorers who have given me incredible opportunities to take part in many activities and learn many skills, all of which have led to me being able to achieve the Queen Scout Award, which I was awarded in October 2013. I am very proud to be part of the Scout Association and this is my proudest achievement to date – I am now really looking forward to going to Windsor Castle to meet Bear Grylls at the Award Ceremony in April 2014!

Legend have done the Essex Air Ambulance Challenge    (10/17/2013)

The aim of this challenge is to raise awareness of Essex Air Ambulance and to raise vital funds towards keeping the Air Ambulance flying.

Members of Legend ESU will have to complete various activities in order to successfully complete the Challenge. These include a visit to the Air Base, creating money mosaic of a helicopter, emergency response practice, word searches, equipment game and a helicopter game.

After a visit to the Essex Air Ambulance Airbase, Legend ESU members really wanted to take up their challenge and be one of first to complete is challenge and help out in any way they could.

This challenge is a perfect badge for all Sections!

On Friday 4th October Legend ESU are going to spend their whole evening completing as many of the challenge options as possible.
The Essex Air Ambulance receives no direct government or lottery funding, and relies on the generosity of the people who live and work in Essex to raise the £250,000 needed every month to remain operational and keep saving lives.

Please contact Stuart Donnelly on LegendESU@gmail.com for further information.

Legend bag 2nd Place at Coggeshall Carnival    (7/22/2013)

Legend Explorers gain 2nd place for "Best use of theme" when they too part in Coggeshall Carnival. Dressed as Death Eaters for the Harry Potter Themed carnival they join other local groups making their way through the streets of Coggeshall.

Before setting off one of the newest members (Olivia) was invested by Group Scout Leader David Hewitt.

Well done every one!

Legend stay up all night at Gilwell 24    (7/22/2013)

Several Units from around Essex including Braintree Explorers darted off the Gilwell Scout Activity Centre with a spring in their foot. Twenty four hours later they all became survivors of Gilwell 24. The whole awesome event is a challenge for all Explorers and Leaders alike.

Where else could you jump down a massive inflatable slide at 7am or archery at 2am. Ride the white water of the Olympic centre, scuba dive, ride in a hot air balloon, try fishing, wood turning or just chill with their new and old friends. Leaders too got the chance to encourage members to try new activities and catch up with other volunteers.
If you have a set of Explorers who think they could manage going for 24 hour flat – no sleep – then get them signed up for Gilwell 24 – 11-13 July 2014. But they may need a dry run – WINTAC!

Legend join with other Units for St Georges Day    (4/21/2013)

Legend Explorers joins with the other Braintree Unit to hike from Coggeshall to Rayne for the Renewal of Promise, nice simple 13 mile hike!

Just wanted say a huge thank you to all of the Explorers and leaders who participated in the Renewal of Promise and particularly to those of us that walked the 13 miles from Coggeshall to Rayne. It was really great to see 20 of us walking for the day. It was also even better to see the Explorers renewing their promise in front of the district. This is one event in the year that the district gets to see Explorers together doing challenging activities so a really good message to show.
Thank you all for your hard work

Geocaching - Legend start the hunt    (2/21/2013)

Legend ESU have gone and started Geo-caching. With the power of a GPS device, a track-able coin, three Explorers set off to start Legend ESU adventure into Geo-caching I have a feeling they may get hooked.

Siege Weapons at the ready    (2/21/2013)

Another great evening, this time building Siege Weapons - mini ones. From coffee stirrers, elastic bands and Ping pong balls.

Explorers get all festive    (12/18/2012)

Legend Explorer contiued their work towards the Creative Arts Badge. Acouple of weeks ago we went out collecting sticks ready for making our Christmas Wreaths and Decorations. With the help of and glue gun and a pile of stings managed to create our own Wreaths.

Braintree Explorers say goodbye to Jamie    (11/12/2012)

After 11 years in Scouting Jamie Hughes is leaving Explorers and moving on to be a local Beaver Leader. To help celebrate this over 30 Explorers from Braintree District got together for a night of Quasar. Good fun was had by all and it was fantastic to see all the units getting together.

Good luck with the new role Jamie - see you soon!

Explorers opt for a dry night of making woggles    (10/22/2012)

Legend Explorers opted for a dry night inside making woggles. Rather then go outside and build shelters. Great evening with odd foam stuff and para-cord.

Essex Scout County Marathon 2012    (10/5/2012)

This years county marathon took us to the Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales.

Our team of 6 were all ready to go and pretty excited the weekend ahead. Saturday morning was a buzz every team taking part was getting more ready for the challenge and experience that they were about to face.

Once we started walking we almost made an error immediately because of our over eagerness to get going, we soon rectified our problem before we moved of any further. We were really pressing on with our day and made it to Alpha, Bravo, Delta and Golf all in the first half of the day. The second half of our day brought us a bit of trouble with a non existent path and a steep hill but we still made it with a few minutes to spare.

Up bright and early Sunday morning packed down and ready to go we set off for Romeo base which we made in great time. Heading straight for the second base of the day Mike straight up sugar loaf hill again not a problem.

The problem came when we left Mike descending quickly down the hill to avoid the bad weather coming in. Somewhere along a path we missed a path but we soon recognised our mistake and headed for the nearest base because we had run out of time. Even tough we lost 30% of our points we had an amazing time, completed a difficult challenge, brushed up on some navigation skills and saw some of the most beautiful sights possible.

Fantastic trip! We had such a good weekend and can't wait for next year, The New Forest!

James Willis - Team 109

Legend and their Sporting Adventure    (10/3/2012)

The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games brought over 200 nations of the world under one roof in a festival of sport and culture, united by common values. To celebrate the values of the Olympic and Paralympic movements, all Scouts were invited to compete in a series of activities and challenges – Our Sporting Adventure – which ran from 1 January to 30 September 2012.

Including the Challenges within the Program was a great way to give members new and different activities, even if they didn't know it was part of the Sporting Adventure ;)

Legend Explorers too up this challenge gaining an impressive:
  • 23 Bronze
  • 11 Silver
  • 5 Gold

Totaling 3250 points!

This is not the highest score - 4200 points - but it did rank us 41st out of 1433 teams, 31st out of 69 in Essex, 1st out of 2 for Braintree and 1st out of the 136 Explorer Units who took part.

Well done everyone you can wear you badges with pride!

Braintree Explorers embrace The Essex Challenge    (2/27/2012)

From Essex Scouts website - http://www.essexscouts.org.uk/news/articles.php?storyid=9RlFuQ

Braintree explorers embrace The Essex Challenge

Legend Explorer Scout Unit from Coggeshall in Braintree district share their experiences of taking part in The Essex Challenge and the activities they have completed so far.

Leaders and explorers from Legend explorer scout unit have been using The Essex Challenge with Our Sporting Adventure and the Shelterbox Challenge to run their programme over recent months, let's take a look at what they've been up to...

For their Joint Team Activity for October - The explorers went to Quasar with Fury explorer scout unit, joining together to take on the general public (Explorers 1: Public 0)

In December, the Unit joined in with the Christmas activities with their local Beavers, Cubs and Scouts to visit a place of worship

To complete January's Eco activity, the Explorers worked with Honywood Pre-School to clear an area at the side of the Scout HQ to allow them to look at nature and experience bugs and other creepy crawlies. The Unit will also be assisting BTCV to improve the Nature Reserve at Coggeshall over the coming months.

February's challenge to make pancakes was mixed up with Our Sporting Adventure to give the Explorers a "Modern Pentathlon" variation of pancake tossing. The Explorers made some, ate them to warm up then went outside with some pre-made enforced pancakes. The Pentathlon events comprised 'longest toss' and 'catch in pairs', 'pancake relay race', 'highest toss and catch', 'longest toss' and 'target toss'.

Using the months in a slightly different order, Legend explorers have already completed March's activity to arrange a music night with a difference. Stuart Donnelly, Explorer Scout Leader claimed that this activity was "the best so far! We took the explorers to 'Live At The Institute' in Kelvedon to see three music acts play; Moses, Jamie Lawson, and One Sixth of Tommy. The last one is rated on the HMV Site as the "Next big thing" and we now know why! These girls are amazing!!!!!"

Richard Baker, Assistant County Commissioner (Explorer Scouts) had this to say about the Unit's activities: "It's great to see how practical The Essex Challenge and other UK Headquarters and partnership resources have been for the explorers in Braintree - what a fantastic programme!"

Are you taking part in The Essex Challenge or have you found other county and UK resources useful for your programme? Tell us about your activities, and remember to register your participation in The Essex Challenge at www.essexscouts.org.uk/challenge

Music Night    (2/13/2012)

Legend Explorers start the half term with a great evening of Music. Moses, Jamie Lawson and the wonderful One Sixth of Tommy. Watch out for theses girls in the future they are going to be big!

Thanks for the guys at Kelvedon Institute for picking a good line up.


ShelterBox Update    (11/30/2011)

Latest from ShelterBox - The money raised by Legend Explorers has now gone towards 20 ShelterBoxes deployed to Haiti, Pakistan, Colombia, Japan, Brazil, Libya, and Kenya. Box number 4909 has been solely paid for by the money raised by Legend Explorers and was send out to Kenya.

[font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">Kenya -- Shelterbox 18/11/2011 - Drought and famine conditions are easing across the Horn of Africa thanks to continuing rains but hundreds of thousands of people remain displaced since the crisis began last June. [/font">[font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">ShelterBox responded immediately, deploying a ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) to Kenya to assess the country’s needs for emergency shelter. Within two months 7,000 tents were set up in Dadaab, one of the largest refugee camps in the world, and the last ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) returned mid-September. [/font">

James Willis Collects his Silver    (11/29/2011)

Last night James Willis of Legend Explorer Scouts collected his Silver DofE award at the Colchester Town House.

After months of hard work James Willis has finally collected his Silver DofE Award at Colchester Town House.

Watched on by Family and friends James did them proud collect a well deserved Silver DofE Award.

This is only the second time in recent years an Explorer from Legend Explorer Scout Unit has gained their Silver DofE. On top of his DofE Silver James Chief Scout's Diamond Award and he has already started work on his Gold DofE and Queen Scout Award.

Wll done and good luck James.

Essex County Scout Marathon 2011 - Peak District    (9/26/2011)

Essex County Scout Marathon 2011 - Peak District

First timers, Legend Explorer Scout Unit take 10th place in the Essex County Scout Marathon! Well done to all the Braintree teams!....

Explorer Experienced
  • 2nd Braintree Explorers Too 879 points)

Explorer Novice
  • 10th Legend ESU (332 points)
  • 11th Fury DofE (307 points)
  • 12th Braintree Explorers (307 points)
  • 23rd Rebels DofE (195 points)
  • 29th Braintree Explorers Late Team (158 points)

Fellowship / Leaders assisted
  • 5th Ladies of Leisure (649 points)

Network Experienced
  • 2nd Zorro Network (752 points)


Explorers Take to the Skies    (7/25/2011)

Legend Explorers ended the Summer Term with a flight in a glider. Members went to Rattlesden Gliding Club and experienced the joy of gliding over the Suffolk Countryside. Due to a strong cross-wind we where towed into the skis instead of being shot up by the winches. This was an "amazing" experience and one I'd recommend everyone to do!

Donor Awareness    (6/29/2011)

Legend ESU are looking at creating a Donor Awareness badge. We are working through what needs to be done and we are getting close.
  • Create Requirements Check
  • Create Programme Ideas Check
  • Design Badge Check
  • Get others interested Check
  • Have HQ agree badge and documents Check
  • Have NHSBT agree requirements and badge Check
  • Get District Commissionor to agree Check
  • Get County Commissioner to agree .........
If you want to see what we have so far, check it out - HERE

Up, Up and away    (6/27/2011)

23rd July 2011 - Legend Explorers are taking to the Skies. With our friends at Rettleden Gliding Club, we are going to up, up, and away.

Legend do JOTT - 14th Jamboree On The Trail.    (5/17/2011)

This Legend ESU took part again in JOTT their second one (and this year the badges where better). Thanks to all the lads that turned out to support this event. Walking the footpaths of Marks Hall ensuring that the markers where in the right place.

What is JOTT? - Jamboree On The Trail is an annual day for the World Scout Movement to hike together. All Scouts, whatever their age and wherever they may be in the world, are invited to participate in whatever way they can. Beaver Scouts could visit a local park, walking the trails and playing games. Cub Scouts could visit a local nature trail as part of a weekend camp. A Scout Troop might check out a hiking trail while working on badge requirements. An Explorer Unit might make a Service Project out of restoring or maintaining a hiking trail. In their own way, everyone will be hiking the same direction; towards a better future through Scouting.

JOTT is held on the second Saturday of May each year.

GreenFootPrint Legend!    (3/28/2011)

Legend ESU have been awarded the GreenFootPrint Award after completing all the required components.

After working on their ShelterBox Challlenge badge and passing information about Climate Change to other local groups, Legend Explorer Scouts have been awarded the GreenFootPrint Award.

Congratulations On Completing The Essex Challenge    (3/7/2011)

Over 1100 Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorer Scouts from across the County all took part and completed 12 months of themed challenges during 2010 so Essex Scouts put together a roll call of those sections that completed the challenge.

Legend ESU is one of only 5 Explorer Units in Essex to complete this Challenge - WELL DONE ALL!

Essex Scouts New Article - http://www.essexscouts.org.uk/news/articles.php?storyid=9hpCvQ

County acknowledges Legend's work with ShelterBox    (12/17/2010)

"I am personally delighted to hear of your achievements and would like to come andmeet the unit and hear about all you have done. Some publicity would be great too. Thanks and best wishes to all at Legend ESU for all you have done on behalf ofShelterBox."

Rob. Freake - County Global Advisor + ShelterBox Champion

Explorer Scouts Nail It    (11/27/2010)

Legend Explorers start on a new track for 2011 by taking on the NEW Entrepreneur Challenge Award!

The Entrepreneur Challenge aims to develop Scouts’ nature for enterprise through activities which enable them to set up, or create an idea for, a Scouting enterprise or business. Scouts will need to demonstrate an aptitude for understanding the Mind for Business principles.

After unknowingly starting this off with the "String Handcuff", they took on the challenge of "Balancing Nail". The task was to try and balance 14 nails on the head of one nail hammered into a block of wood. That was the challenge, after working in pairs a new total of 18 nails was managed!

Legend Explorer Shelter the Beavers    (11/22/2010)

ShelterBox fund raising event by Legend Explorer Scout pulls in £400....
Legend Explorer Scouts hosted a Sleep Over for 1st Coggeshall Beavers in St. Peter-ad-Vincula Church in Coggeshall.
The Explorers built a shelter out of old pallets, bits of wood and cardboard, all in aid of the ShelterBox charity. The shelter was then used, along with tents for a Beaver Sleep Over allowing 16 Beavers to gain their Nights away badge and work toward their International Partnerships award.
Money was raised by asked for donations from everyone who slept over and then followed up with asking for donations from the people of Coggeshall in return for some very lovely home make cakes.
Legend Explorer Scout have busted a gut recently and taken their fund raising from just over £200 to a staggering £975.00,
With each ShelterBox costing £590, Legend are wondering if they can push their fund the extra hundred pound to be able to supply 2 ShelterBoxes.
Are you willing to help them?

WINTAC 2010    (11/9/2010)

Last weekend, over 300 Explorer Scouts and their Leaders enjoyed a Halloween themed WINTer Activty Camp at Thriftwood Campsite.

On Friday evening, after arriving at site, and the Explorer Scouts having put up their tents - WINTAC started with an opening ceremony down on the subcamp field, followed with everyone heading to the entertainment marquee where there were local bands playing on the main stage.
After a rainy night, Saturday morning greeted the Explorer Scouts with glorious sunshine, and allowed them to take part in some new activities, with all the usual Scouting favourites.
Amongst the activities on offer at Thriftwood were Pedal Cars, Archery, Climbing, The Cave Maze, Trampolining, Water Walkerz, The Sky Hi Walk and the Cresta Run.
The WINTAC Team had also laid on a few different activities, including a gladiators challenge, and had professionals in to run a DJ workshop and a break dancing workshop.
The night fell, and WINTAC was transformed into a Halloween Ball, with prizes for best fancy dress costumes, plus entertainment with the 'WINTAC's got Talent' competition.
Essex Scouts Photo Library

Twitter    (11/8/2010)

Legend ESU are experimenting with Twitter. See if it's any use to us and see if the members follow it... http://www.twitter.com/LegendESU

Legend Rises To The Challenge    (10/26/2010)

Legend Explorer Scout Unit are rising to the Challenge to complete the ShelterBox Challenge 2010, after taking on the set of challenges laid out by ShelterBox and incorporated this into their programme to complete 12 challenges.
Using the charities challenge and the Essex Challenge Badge as a basis to build their programme on for the past couple of term, Legend have enjoyed a varied programme whilst attempting to raise the £590 needed to purchase a new ShelterBox.
Now comes the final push. Over the next couple of months the Unit want to raise another £220 so that a local business that has offered to match the total and enable them to purchase two of the much needed boxes.
What's left!
1. During a Beaver Sleepover, the Explorers will build a shelter strong enough for 10 Beavers to spend the night in.
2. For some Christmas fun; the Explorers are at making Christmas cards and then are blasting out a few carols.
All of this is a fund raising exercise - Can you help?

Assistant Leaders take on the New Forest    (10/4/2010)

Natalie and Vikki the new Explorer Scout Assistant Leaders where part of the one thousand boots worn by Essex Scouts have been making tracks across the New Forest in Hampshire this weekend, for the annual Essex County Marathon, a hiking competition with a difference. Members of Essex Scouts aged from 14 to 62, from all corners of the County, hiked from base to base, covering an area of 30 square miles. At each base they had to complete a new and often bizarre challenge to gain points for their team, ranging from general knowledge quizzes to silly games and group tasks. The weekend's challenge is not just the bases, but also planning their own routes, meals, and walking with full camping kit. The teams are graded into different categories depending on their own experience level, allowing members at all ages to experience a challenging weekend full of fun and adventure. http://www.1stCoggeshall.org.uk/images/photos/Marathon-2010-18.jpg

Legend picks up Community Spirit Award    (9/9/2010)

Lewis Elmes of Legend Explorer Scout Unit will be awards 2nd Place in the Young Achiever Award by Greenfields Community Housing. This is for all his hard work in obtaining he Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award, help with Coggeshall Scouting, and his very near completion of his Queen Scout award (the highest award achievable by an Explorer Scout) Greenfields Community Spirit Awards - The Community Spirit Awards are all about recognising residents in the district who are making positive changes to their community. There are four categories of award:
  • Young Achiever Award (under 18’s only)
  • Outstanding Contribution to Resident Involvement Award
  • Good Neighbour Award
  • Community Award
Venue: Alec Hunter Humanities College, Stubbs Lane, Braintree Date and Time: Saturday 11th September, 2:00pm – 3.30pm

Legends become Young Fighters    (7/16/2010)

Jamie 'Pyro' Hughes (Young leader for the Beavers) and Tom 'Cpt Chaos' Anderson were awarded their Young Fire Fighters certificates on 14th july 2010 at halstead Firestation. After completing a 13 week course teaching the same skills, drills, and techniques as full time Fire Fighters are taught. This award has been used by Jamie as the Skills section of His Bronze DofE.

Congratulations to you both!!!!

Explorers receive Chief Scout Awards    (5/18/2010)

Four members of Legend Explorers Scout have received their Chief Scout Awards: - Lewis Elmes, Diamond Chief Scout, this is the 2nd highest award available to Explorer Scouts. Having complete his Silver DofE and the additional requirements, Lewis is now working hard on his Gold DofE and then the Queen Scout Award! Will he become the 2nd Queen Scout in Coggeshall! - Alex Hewitt, George Styles and James Willis, Gold Chief Scout, having completed the highest award the Scout section can award, these three lads have moved on to Explorers and recently gained their awards.

Explorers Programme published...    (4/21/2010)

The new Explorer Programme has been published ready for the new term, including District and County events - view the programme. Also check out all the additional documents for Gilwell 24, Climbing in the Peaks, Summer Camp and the London Scavenger Hunt.

Multi-Faith Evening    (3/5/2010)

The Explorers turned out in force for a Multi-Faith evening on the 26th February. All bar one turned up, along with members of Coggeshall Guides. The evening was supported by Fr Philip Banks from St Peter ad Vincula Coggeshall, presenting a Christian view, and Dr Mateen Durrani from Colchester University, presenting a Muslim view. During the evening a general discussion took place around the differences and similarities between the three main religions, Judaism, Islam and Christianity. This was an excellent experience, in which everyone was able to take a part, ask questions and discuss answers. A whole variety of aspects of faith and life were aired, including war and peace, women’s rights, science and religion, creation, scripture, ethics and the human spirit. There was also discussion on the idea that the practice of all three religions was often tainted by the culture of their country, and this sometimes negatively affected the true teachings of their scriptures – a good example is that all religions have strong teachings encouraging non-violence, and yet the culture in which they are set sometimes distorts this. At the end of the evening everyone came away having learnt something, and having a better understanding of each others views, thoughts, and religions – and there was an acknowledgement that the many things that we have in common far outweigh the things that divide us. A big thank you goes to Fr Philip Banks and Dr Mateen Durrani for giving up their Friday evening to help us.

Legend Essex and ShelterBox Challenge    (2/11/2010)

The Legend Explorer Scout Unit have taken up the Essex Scout Challenge by building bridges out of rubbish found in and around the 1st Coggeshall Scout Hunt. During the evening two rolls of Carpet was used to emulate a river, being told that the depth and speed of the river was unknown. The bridge was built from old chair, broken tent poles, rope and cardboard boxes. After construction all members of the unit needed to cross the river and pass over a pretend box of supplies. - Young ShelterBox - Essex Scout Challenge

PODCAST 007 - WINTAC Message From The Queen    (11/30/2009)

Join the WINTAC Team for a speech by HRH The Queen who sent a special message to all Explorer Scouts for the closing ceremony of WINTAC. Unfortunately, the closing ceremony didn't take place due to the poor weather conditions on Sunday lunchtime. Her message is now available online for you to enjoy and share, and hope this makes up for the lack of closing ceremony to the event.

Braintree Explorers Headline WINTAC!    (11/23/2009)

Niall and friends from Braintree were handed a sheet and commanded to create the greatest rock band ever. After much deliberation they decided on the name "Organised Chaos". Band practice ensued at haste. The first songs were mostly about anger at being woken up by pans. However they decided on doing an acoustic version of 'Buck Rogers' by Feeder. When they took the stage the crowd roared, the atmosphere was electric. As the events were drawing to a close Joe the musical element of the band played a solo version of 'La Roux's' song 'In For the Kill' and it was brilliant. Mikey Cohen the voice of the band said, "It was great! The adrenaline was pumping and I really felt alive when I was up there. I am King!" Essex Scouts report on WINTAC - http://www.essexscouts.org.uk/news/articles.php?storyid=8h1B

Thank you from St. Peters    (11/11/2009)

We have received a large thank you from the members from St Peters PTA, for the team of 6 Legend Explorer Scouts who assisted with the stewarding during the Firework display on the 7th November. Various parents and helpers also commented on how nice it was to see ex-pupils back willing to help out.

Over 60 Teams Begin Their Black Mountain Adventure    (9/28/2009)

Hundreds of Explorer Scouts, Scout Network, Leaders & Fellowship members travelled yesterday to Wales to start the two day self sufficient team backpacking and overnight camping competition. It's the ideal event for expedition practice and includes a non competitive and assisted category for new walkers. With bases spread out across the countryside around Sugar Loaf mountain we hope to bring you updates all weekend on the adventures of the teams from Essex.

Green Footprint Award    (9/6/2009)

We have been awarded the Silver Award as part of the Green Footprint Award. This makes Legend ESU one of the very first Scout Sections to complete the award in Essex.

Leader Training    (9/6/2009)

I (Stuart) have now completed my Leader Training and have received my Wood Badge from David Cohen. This tool place at the first Explorer meeting after the summer break. Thank you to EVERYONE who has assisted me in obtaining this award, specially David Hewitt.

Explorers Programme published...    (8/27/2009)

The new Explorer Programme has been published ready for the new term, including District and County events - view the programme.

Lost your woggle?    (6/28/2009)

Explorers who have either lost their woggle or prefer to wear their scarf with a friendship knot. Take a look at the following link, it is a step by step guide to putting a friendship knot in your scarf. Friendship Knot Instructions.

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