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Coggeshall Treasurer climb Mt Kilimanjaro    (2/18/2013)

At 9:20am on Saturday 26th January, our Coggeshall Group Treasurer Clare Freeman and friends Julie Overnell, Beverley Kearney and Julia Pritchard made it to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro. the tallest mountain in Africa at 5,895m. There was much laughter and many tears along the way. It was probably the hardest physical challenge we'll ever do and a truly incredible journey.

Together we’ve raised over £9,500 for two Down Syndrome charities We just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who sponsored, supported and encouraged us along the way. Our Just Giving site will be open for a couple more weeks: justgiving.com/teams/four-women-and-a-mountain Thank you.

Clare Freeman - Treasurer Coggeshall Scout Group

Recycle cards and help raise cash for Essex Scouts    (12/31/2012)

Donated Christmas cards recycled at County Hall or Chelmsford library will be weighed and funds will be donated by Essex County Council to Essex Scouting.

From 31 December cards can be dropped off and cards will be weighed at the end of January. Essex County Council Chairman, Cllr Kay Twitchen has chosen Essex Scouts as her charity for this year, so proceeds from charitable collections like this will be passed on to Essex Scouts. The collection boxes located at the reception desks in County Hall and one in Chelmsford Library are available to members of the public as well as staff members of Essex County Council. Funds raised will go towards altruistic scouting projects including the annual young carers day.

Thank you from Coggeshall RBL    (11/12/2012)

On behalf of the President and the members of Coggeshall Royal British Legion may I thank all of you and all of your young people for attending the service and for helping make it run smoothly. I'm sure you will agree that the flag bearers did a splendid job and looked really smart. I was grateful for the help of those who were collectors and to those who helped clear up afterwards - please pass on my thanks.

Kind regards to you all
Shirley Ratcliffe
Coggeshall RBL

Coggeshall Scouts and Guide Remembrance Day    (11/12/2012)

Members of Coggeshall Scouts and Guides, along with Braintree Explorers turned out for the annual act of Remembrance at St Peters ad Vincula Church in Coggeshall. A Guard of honour was presented before the services. During the services members of the local community, British Legion, RAF, St John, Fire Service and local Govement Officals all came together to pay their respects. The Service was taken by the Bishop of Chelmsford.

After the Church service there was a reading of the names and short service at the towns War Memorial. Where the standards where presented and wreaths laid.

Thank you to Alex, Jacob, Ethan and Adam for being Coggeshall Scoutings Standard Bearers.

1St Coggeshall web-site gets a make-over!    (10/6/2012)

Coggeshall Scout Group have had a web site for over six years now and parents and guardians have come to depend on the site for up to date information on events and the answer to those important questions such as “where does that badge need to be sewn?”.
Now our web master Stuart Donnelly has produced a completely new look for the web site that mirrors the official Scout Association site (www.scouts.org.uk) in look and feel.

The new design features separate pages for each section as well as details of how potential adult volunteers can get involved.

We are introducing a termly newsletter that will be emailed to our mailing list. Want to sign up, then click here.

Essex Jamboree - it’s not for the week!    (10/6/2012)

The largest UK event for Scouting and Guiding took place this summer near Chelmsford and Coggeshall Scouts, Guides, Explorers and leaders were heavily involved.

The event that ran from the 18th to the 25th August drew nearly 10,000 youngsters and adults including over 700 from overseas.

Both the Scouts and Guides were camping on Honolulu sub-camp and they would have felt right at home as leaders and assistants from 1st Coggeshall Guides and Rangers provided many of the sub-camp team.

Legend Explorer Scouts joined with members of the other four Explorers units to camp as Braintree District. Dave Willis, assistant leader of Legend was on hand to make sure the Explorers were well fed for the week.

During the day each sub camp had the opportunity to try a range of activities provided by the daytime activity zones. One of the most popular was Survival Zone which was run by Legend Explorer leader Stuart Donnelly supported by Coggeshall Chairman Tim Styles. Among the activities available on Survival was fire-lighting, shelter building, pioneering and tracking. Stuart commented that “it was a bit daunting to see 600 plus youngsters coming to Survival Zone on the first morning but I had a team of over forty to help ensure the youngsters had a great time”.

Lest you think that it was all work and no play for the adults, all of them were seen at some stage during the week in the jamboree pub the Crooked Staff, enjoying a little relaxation.

- Tim Styles

New Scout Leaders    (7/12/2012)

Carol Anderson has agreed to take over as Scout Leader along with Richard Barnett from September 2012.

"Welcome to Carol and Richard, who will be hearing from me shortly with regards the next district meeting. Good news for the scouts of Coggeshall." - Clare Darch (ADC Scouts, Braintree District)

1st Coggeshall Scouts and Guide Executive AGM    (7/12/2012)

Just to remind you all it is our AGM/parents even for the whole scout and guide sections on 6:30PM Scout & Guide HQ September 6th, where you can make an announcement of programme for autumn term put up a display etc as you like.

Please invite all your parents along

Message from Fr Philip and Janet    (12/7/2011)

Fr Philip and Janet would like to say a VERY big thank you for the gift tokens and all your very kind words at the end of the Christmas Service in church last night.

It has been a privilege to be a small part of Scouting & Guiding in Coggeshall over these years and we are so conscious of all the huge amount of hard work you put in each week for the young people of Coggeshall and beyond.

It seems to me that the young people who have grown up through the groups you run turn out to be thoroughly good and responsible people and that is all credit to your example and dedication.

One of the bible readings set for 6th Dec (St Nicholas Day) says “As for you who follow God’s way, pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance and gentleness” (1 Timothy 6) – this seems really apt and describes something of what I’ve seen being encouraged by you all in Scouting & Guiding here – long may it continue!

Our farewell service is on Sunday 29th January at 10am in church – we’d be delighted if you can join us so that we can say a proper ‘goodbye’ after nearly nine years living in Coggeshall which has been our home, and where Janet & I and Ben & Samuel have made so many friends. We will miss you all!

Have a good Christmas,

Love from us,

Fr Philip & Janet

New resources executive committee members    (11/29/2011)

A number of resources have been produced to assist members of executive committees. They are available from Member resources and as print to order items via the Info Centre on-line catalogue.

- On-line Resources -

JOTA/JOTI 13–15 October 2011    (10/4/2011)

Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) and Jamboree on the Internet (JOTI)

The JOTA and JOTI are real jamborees during which Scouting experiences are exchanged and ideas are shared. They happen over the same weekend in October every year and are worldwide events. During the weekend, sections normally participate for 48hrs or part thereof.

The 2011 event is taking place from 13–15 October.
Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) - 13-15 October 2011

The Jamboree on the Air is an annual event in which half-a-million Scouts and Guides all over the world make contact with each other by means of amateur radio. Short-wave radio signals carry their voices to virtually any corner of the world.
The use of amateur radio means that many Scouts grasps the opportunity to discover the skills of wireless radio techniques and electronics, while JOTA is also the only event that offers each individual Scout the opportunity to speak to other Scouts across the world.

You can register to take part, or find out more information, by emailing jota@scouts.org.uk.
Jamboree on the Internet (JOTI) - 13-15 October 2011

Jamboree on the Internet connects Scouts across the world in a similar way to JOTA, but through the means of internet. Volunteer organisations like Scoutlink and Scoutnet provide the necessary technical support and server capacity.

You can register to take part by visiting www.jotajoti.org. To find out more information please email joti@scouts.org.uk.

The John Franklin Cup - Photographic Competition    (9/30/2011)

Open to all Beavers, Cubs, Scouts & Explorer Scouts

Rule: The photo must be Scouting related, 1 photo per person.

Please submit your entry to David Beckett, 26, Queenborough Lane, B/tree by the end of Oct.2011.

Each Section winner will receive £10 and the overall winner will receive an item of photographic equipment as well as the trophy. The winner will be announced at the Christmas Celebrations, Dec. 2011 and will receive The John Franklin Cup.

Colin Lewsey    (9/14/2011)

It was with sadness that we heard that Colin Lewsey, for many years the auditor for Coggeshall Scout Group and the Scout & Guide Executive had passed away.
Colin was a great supporter of our activities and our thoughts are with his family and especially his wife Margaret at this sad time.

Congratulations to David Hewitt!    (9/14/2011)


Last night David Hewitt was awarded the "Award of Merit" for his work with 1st Coggeshall Scout Group. This award is not given out lightly and is award to members of Scouts that in recognition for Outstanding Service.

Congratulations David, a most deserving award!

ShelterBox Update    (9/9/2011)

Notification from ShelterBox has informed us that the work by 1st Coggeshall Beaver, Cubs and Legend Explorers is now supporting the following:
  • x3 Boxes in Brazil
  • x5 Boxes in Colombia
  • x1 Boxes in Haiti
  • x3 Boxes in Japan
  • x1 Boxes in Libya
  • x3 Boxes in Pakistan
  • x3 Boxes to be deployed
Thank you again everyone.

The Essex Challenge is back!    (8/18/2011)

The Essex Challenge is back, brought to you by the County’s Youth Programme Team to challenge and inspire you with your programme planning. This time The Essex Challenge will run from September 2011 through to August 2012.

The aim of The Essex Challenge is for each young person in a Section to complete at least one of the activities for each month and in doing so earn themselves a special badge which they can wear on their uniforms. We have given each month a theme with two activities to choose from but it is entirely up to you how you want to complete the activities; you could do both activities each month, or do two months in one, it’s up to you. Beaver Scouts celebrate their 25th birthday in 2011 so we have added in an extra activity, giving Beaver Scouts 25 to choose from – why not challenge your Colony to do all 25 as part of your celebrations.

To help you keep on top of your awards records we have provided the badges/ awards/programme zones that each activity falls in so you can tie them in to your Balanced Programme (you’ll just need to check them against the requirements).

More support materials, resources and tips can be found at www.essexscouts.org.uk/challenge (coming soon) to accompany many of the activities and remember to upload your stories and photos at www.essexscouts.org.uk/articles.

Information about ordering The Essex Challenge badges will be made available over the coming months.

Printed booklets for The Essex Challenge have been distributed to Assistant District Commissioners for Beavers, Cubs and Scouts on Thursday 7th July, please contact your relevant ADC to arrange delivery. One booklet has been printed for each Beaver Colony, Cub Pack, Scout Troop, Explorer Scout Unit as well as Group Scout Leaders, District Commissioners and other roles who directly support the youth sections.

Essex Scouts Link - http://www.essexscouts.org.uk/news/articles.php?storyid=9h9BtQ

The 54th JOTA / 15th JOTI 2011    (8/1/2011)

The 54th Jamboree On The Air will take place on 15 and 16 October 2011. This year’s theme is: Peace, Environment and Natural Disasters.
An exciting activity that focuses on the strength of Scouting: to act and support in unforeseen circumstances. Scouts are prepared.

Why are Scouts always there first when disaster strikes?

There are Scout groups nearly everywhere, well organized, with good contacts in the local community. The Scouts are usually trained in basic first-aid medical techniques, orienteering and they have the material that is needed to set up a temporary shelter real quick: tents, cooking material, construction material, it is all there, waiting for the next troop camp, or, yes, it can be used in case of emergency.

Coggeshall Scout and Guide Joint Executive    (7/8/2011)

Please read the attached letter important information from Coggeshall Scout & Guide Joint Executive. Positions needed to be filled!


Forums update    (5/17/2011)

The Forum section have been updated and now has improved iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry support.

St George Rugby!    (4/23/2011)

Members of 1st Coggeshall Cubs and Scouts joined 1st Great Notley Scouts, 3 Rivers and Legend Explorers on a St Georges Day rugby game trip at Twickenham. London Wasps vs Bath charity game in aid of armed forces charities. A Full day of rugby, Heather Small, matching bands, World Records and renewal of Promise in the heart of English Rugby!

Thanks to Kate Stevens for arranging the coach!

Let's see those badges displayed with pride!!!

Happy St Georges Day to everyone in Scouting.

Scouting Magazine - February/March 2011    (1/31/2011)

Scouting Magazine - February/March 2011: The Founder's Day issue

Latest copy of the Scouting Magazine is now out. With a special report from a camp with Scouts with special needs, advice on lightweight expeditions and how to sustain your Scout Group by being sustainable.


For all iPhone users....    (1/11/2011)

Two things for all you iPhone users to look at.

1. All the 1st Coggeshall Forums are now iPhone enabled and you should be able to see everything you need on you favourite device.
2. New application - Bear Grylls, Bear Essentials By Chillingo Ltd - http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bear-grylls-bear-essentials/id405049865?mt=8

You think you know Scouting... Think again....    (10/7/2010)

What are the myths of Scouting? Have you ever thought how can we encourage more volunteers to join? Take a look at the latest volunteer recruitment video, direct from The Scout Associations You Tube account... Watch it and pass it on...

Video ID=_8NB4gHSWfY

100 years of Girlguiding - A welcome to all Scouts    (9/29/2010)

An invitation to all past, current and future members of Girlguiding (and their families) - and our Scouting brothers and sisters - to celebrate
100 years of Girlguiding
at St. Peter ad Vincula Church, Coggeshall
on Saturday 9th October 2010
at 2.30pm
Please stay for refreshments at the back of the church at the end of the service.

1st Coggeshall - Forums update    (6/14/2010)

Just to let you all know we are in the progress of updating the "Forums" section of the website. The main benefit of this update means that the forums are now iPhone compatible.

Scout and Guide AGM - 16th June 8:00pm    (6/14/2010)

Coggeshall Scout & Guide AGM and Parents Evening
Wednesday At the Scout & Guide HQ, Windmill Fields
Hear the latest news about the new building for Scouting & Guiding in Coggeshall
This is an opportunity for you to hear about some of the activities that the Sections have taken part over the past twelve months.
After the meeting join the Executive for a glass of wine and nibbles.

Programmes published    (4/28/2010)

The Beavers, Cubs and Explorer programmes have now been published for the final term in the current Scout and Guide HQ.

Sport Relief    (3/22/2010)

Congratulations to all who have taken part in this years Sport Relief, both the Explorers and Cubs have run their 1 mile in separate evening in Coggeshall. The Explorers turned out in the dark and rain armed only with their our sense of directions and glow sticks. The Cubs will be running this evening and we wish them all the best.

Tree planting in Coggeshall    (3/12/2010)

Dear Gary Lynes, On behalf of Coggeshall Parish Council and the Sports and Recreation Committee we would all like to personally thank all the Scouts and Explorer Scouts that took part in the tree planting on Saturday 6th March 2010. These trees form the boundaries for the latest play area within Coggeshall. This area is a truly Community creation, with help from local residents, Scouts, Councillors and the general public. It is the view of the Committee that in years to come everyone the village can benefit from such activities and works together to create a better village. We understand that the boys and girls from 1st Coggeshall Scouts who took part are currently doing their Community Challenge Badge and therefore we would like to confirm that all the members listed below have completed the time requirements for this Badge, and have worked with local government and interest groups in the creation of this play area. As you are aware the Parish Council knows that Scouting in Coggeshall is a major asset to the Village and we look forward to working with your Group again. Thank you.

Happy Birthday - Lord Baden Powell    (2/22/2010)

Lord Baden Powell - Founder of the international Scouting Movement born 22 February 1857 Full Name: Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell Title: 1st Baron Baden-Powell Nickname: B-P Place of birth: Paddington, London, England Place of death: Nyeri, Kenya Service/branch: British Army Years of service: 1876–1910 Rank: Lieutenant-General More information can be found on Wiki-pedia.

1st Coggeshall Census    (1/20/2010)

We have been asked to complete the annual census of all members. To make this easier for everyone can you please email Bradley Rawling with the following information for each child you have at 1st Coggeshall Scout Group: - Forename - Surname - Date of Birth - Ethinic origin - Male/Female - Phone No. - Mobile No. - Address - If you've signed a gift aid form Thank you.

Coggeshall Christmas Scout and Guide Service    (12/10/2009)

I just want to say a big thank you to you and everyone for making Monday night so good – it was such a great mixture of Christmas/scripture and other fun – all the young people did so well! Also, it seemed good to do the service in this earlier part of December. Very best wishes and thanks – and – MERRY CHRISTMAS when it comes! Fr Philip The Reverend Philip Banks Rector & Vicar, Parish of Coggeshall with Marks Hall Rural Dean, Dedham & Tey Deanery Co-ordinator, Chelmsford Course for Spiritual Directors

Coggeshall Scout and Guide Christmas Service    (11/30/2009)

At 6.30pm to 7.30pm on Monday 7th December 2009 - Welcome & Opening Prayer - Father Philip - First Carol - O'Little Town of Bethlehem - Readings - Guide and Scout - Jingle Bells - Rainbows - 12 days of Christmas - Beavers - Jingle Bell Rock - 1st Brownies - Nativity Rap - Cubs - Winter Wonderland - 2nd Brownies - Prayers & Christmas Sermon - Father Philip - Second Carol - Holly and the Ivy (during which there will be a collection) - 12 Christmas Challenges - Scouts - Marys Boy Child - Guides - Tommy Styles - Explorers - Presentation of Awards - Leaders - Thanks - Tim Styles - Final Carol - Ding Dong Merrily on High - Closing Prayer and Blessing - Father Philip

New Scout Hut - Latest News    (11/17/2009)

On Thursday 12th November 2009 members of all sections of Guiding and Scouting in Coggeshall gathered at Honywood Community Science School to mark the beginning of construction for their new headquarters building. Construction is due to complete in July 2010 and a formal opening ceremony will take place in September 2010. The project, being jointly funded and run with the school is the culmination of over four years work by many people to ensure that young people in Coggeshall have a first class facility to use for many years to come. There are currently over 200 youngsters involved and all sections have waiting lists but lack of available space has restricted growth. The new HQ will have two halls instead of the one at the existing HQ and total floor area is more than twice that available now. The building is designed to the latest standards including accommodating disabled access and will have a fully fitted kitchen as well as a small meeting room. Funding for the building has come from the Scouts and Guides, Honywood School, individual donations and grants from Braintree District Council and Essex County Council. Commenting on the new building Tim Styles, Group Chairman said "This is a very exciting development for Coggeshall and a huge achievement for all involved that construction has now started and will result in a building to support Scouting and Guiding now and in future".

Remembrance Service    (11/11/2009)

Over 100 Scouts and Guides attended the Remembrance Service at St. Peter's Church Coggeshall, giving a guard of honour to the local parishioners as they arrived in the church. Standards where presented along with those of the local Royal British Legion. Fr Philip and the Bishop of Colchester Rt. Rev'd. Christopher Morgan performed the services and thanked the young people for attending and welcomed them to this important act of Remembrance. After the server all sections where represented at the reading of the names at the War Memorial, where a brass salute was played my members of Honywood School.

JOTI - 13th Jamboree On The Internet 17-18/10/2009    (10/13/2009)

The World Scout Jamboree On The Internet (JOTI) is an international Scout Meeting on the Internet which takes places every year on the third weekend of october. This is an official event of the World Organization of the Scout Movement. During that weekend, thousands of Scouts from all over the world meet and communicate with each other over the Internet, using any technologies locally available, from web browsers to e-mail, chat programs, microphones, scanners and digital cameras. Scoutgroups can combine this event with the Jamboree On The Air (JOTA), an event where Scouts can communicate with each other over radio amateur frequencies with the assistance of a local radio amateur crew. Most of the communication takes place over E-mail and in a chat network called IRC, the Internet Relay Chat. JOTI allows you to build friendships with Scouts in other countries and to find out more about their civil and scouting life. Often, these contacts last for years and build the base for upcoming group trips and entreprises. Since 1996, JOTI is an official WOSM event and has a permanent place on the Web Site of the World Scout Bureau. To get the full text of the World Scout Bureau's Memorandum on this year's edition of JOTI (2009), click here. If we've raised your interest, just get a few suggestions from our web site and participate in this year's JOTI. ----- Check out what places Legend Explorers spoke to over the weekend http://gmaps.kaeding.name/saved/LegendESU-JOTI2009

County Adult Awards Reception    (9/16/2009)

County Adult Awards Reception 16 September 2009 7:00pm County event to be held at County HQ & Training Centre, Thriftwood. Uniformed event by invitation only for new Wood Badge holders, recipients of Service Awards and presentation of Group Growth Awards. Attended by Peter Awad and Stuart Donnelly from 1st Coggeshall.

Scouting refutes knife ban claims (ScoutBase)    (9/9/2009)

Scouting refutes knife ban claims - 08/09/2009 Several incorrect stories have appeared in the media this week reporting a knife ban in Scouting. In fact, Scouting's rules on the subject have not significantly changed since the late 1960s. Knives may still be used by young people and adults during supervised camps and other outdoor activities. Scouting encourages young people to learn to respect knives, and use them sensibly to learn outdoor skills such as fire lighting, shelter building and backwoods cooking. The Movement provides a safe supervised environment in which young people can learn how and how not to use them - including how to avoid injuring themselves and others. The Scout Association does not condone young people carrying knifes on their person as a matter of course, unless there is a specific need for one. Scouting recommends training in the handling of knives not only for young people, but also for their adult leaders. Advice on the use of knives in Scouting is updated periodically and most recently an article appeared in Scouting magazine, the publication that goes out every two months to Scouting's 100,000 adult members. This is part of regular advice and guidance offered to the Movement since the wearing of a knife with uniform was discontinued in the late 1960s. Over the years the advice we have offered is always based around two key points: i) We need to comply with the law of the land (so we remind people of the current legislation). ii) We remind people in which situations it is appropriate to teach young people how to use knives safely and when it is not appropriate to use a knife.

Leader Changes at Coggeshall    (8/4/2009)

- Bridgette is stepping down as Beaver Scout leader, and will become Assistant Beaver Scout Leader. - Paul Chapman is moving from ACSL to become our new Beaver Scout Leader. - His wife Bernadette is becoming a new Assistant BSL. best wishes David Hewitt Coggeshall GSL

100 Club Launched    (7/6/2009)

As launched at the AGM & Parents Evening, Wendy has offered to run a 100 club in support of the new HQ. Please see the attached flyer for more information - 100 Club Letter.

Scouts hoping to meet Bear Grylls    (6/25/2009)

Coggeshall Scouts are hoping to meet Bear Grylls next year, if he visits to open the New Scout and Guide Headquarters being built in Partnership with Honywood Community Science School. The project to build the new HQ is now well advanced and construction should start later this year, finishing in July 2010. David Hewitt Group Scout Leader said “it would be fantastic if Bear could come, he is already a real hero to the Scouts, and to meet him face to face would be incredible for the all the young people we serve.” The Scouts, Guides and School have raised most of the money they need but a final fund raising push will start at the Scout and Guide AGM on 17th June. The meeting starts at 8pm at the current Scout & Guide HQ Windmill fields, Coggeshall. Anyone interesting in supporting can attend the meeting, or donations can be made online at www.justgiving.com/coggeshall. Bear Grylls will be the new Chief Scout of the UK Scout Association. The famous adventurer takes over when current Chief Scout, former Blue Peter presenter Peter Duncan completes his five year tenure in July 2009. When asked why he chose to volunteer for the UK’s largest mixed youth movement, Bear said: ‘In short, because I love adventure and I love hanging out with good friends. For me this is what Scouting is about.’ Born on 7 June 1974, Bear Grylls will be the youngest ever Chief Scout. He first got involved in Scouting aged eight as a Cub Scout. Bear attributes this time as part of the inspiration behind his adult adventures presenting TV shows such as Born Survivor: ‘So much of who we are as an adult is formed when we are kids,’ said Bear. ‘What Scouting says to people is: “it’s okay to go for it in life”.’

Bear Grylls appointed Chief Scout    (6/25/2009)

The Wiltshire adventurer and TV personality Bear Grylls has been named as the UKs latest Chief Scout. At 34 he will be the youngest person to hold the position. Mr Grylls says he aims to inspire more adults to volunteer as leaders, so the 33,000 young people currently on waiting lists can join Scout groups. He was the youngest Briton to climb Mount Everest, aged 23, and has presented television programmes such as Born Survivor and Escape to the Legion. Mr Grylls from Ramsbury, near Marlborough, was appointed by The Council of the Scout Movement at a special meeting in London and will be expected to promote the policies and benefits of Scouting. He will be invested at a handover ceremony with outgoing Chief Scout Peter Duncan later in the year. "I feel hugely honoured to be asked to take up this role as Chief Scout - it really is a dream come true" "I have always loved helping young people live their dreams and to taste real adventure… as well as getting caked in mud!"

NEW 100 Club coming soon    (6/25/2009)

100 Club coming soon to help raise funds for the new Scout Hut. More details will be announced shortly.

New Scout and Guide HQ    (6/25/2009)

Thanks to all who gave their comments on the draft Heads of Agreement. This has now been sent to our legal prior to being sent to Simon Mason Olivia Pattison, George Styles, Wendy and Tim Style went to support our grant application to Braintree District Council. Both Olivia and George spoke to the meeting and the vote was unanimous so we have another £15,000 towards our target. There will be an article in the Link Magazine next month highlighting our plans.

Scout IT Badge    (6/25/2009)

All levels of the Scouting IT badge are now online at www.itbadge.org.uk This site will help you earn your Staged Activity Badge

New Web Site    (6/25/2009)

The new 1st Coggeshall Web Site goes live, thanks to everyone involved.

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