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Scouting refutes knife ban claims (ScoutBase)    (9/9/2009)

Scouting refutes knife ban claims - 08/09/2009 Several incorrect stories have appeared in the media this week reporting a knife ban in Scouting. In fact, Scouting's rules on the subject have not significantly changed since the late 1960s. Knives may still be used by young people and adults during supervised camps and other outdoor activities. Scouting encourages young people to learn to respect knives, and use them sensibly to learn outdoor skills such as fire lighting, shelter building and backwoods cooking. The Movement provides a safe supervised environment in which young people can learn how and how not to use them - including how to avoid injuring themselves and others. The Scout Association does not condone young people carrying knifes on their person as a matter of course, unless there is a specific need for one. Scouting recommends training in the handling of knives not only for young people, but also for their adult leaders. Advice on the use of knives in Scouting is updated periodically and most recently an article appeared in Scouting magazine, the publication that goes out every two months to Scouting's 100,000 adult members. This is part of regular advice and guidance offered to the Movement since the wearing of a knife with uniform was discontinued in the late 1960s. Over the years the advice we have offered is always based around two key points: i) We need to comply with the law of the land (so we remind people of the current legislation). ii) We remind people in which situations it is appropriate to teach young people how to use knives safely and when it is not appropriate to use a knife.













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