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Braintree Explorers Headline WINTAC!    (11/23/2009)

Niall and friends from Braintree were handed a sheet and commanded to create the greatest rock band ever. After much deliberation they decided on the name "Organised Chaos". Band practice ensued at haste. The first songs were mostly about anger at being woken up by pans. However they decided on doing an acoustic version of 'Buck Rogers' by Feeder. When they took the stage the crowd roared, the atmosphere was electric. As the events were drawing to a close Joe the musical element of the band played a solo version of 'La Roux's' song 'In For the Kill' and it was brilliant. Mikey Cohen the voice of the band said, "It was great! The adrenaline was pumping and I really felt alive when I was up there. I am King!" Essex Scouts report on WINTAC - http://www.essexscouts.org.uk/news/articles.php?storyid=8h1B













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