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Multi-Faith Evening    (3/5/2010)

The Explorers turned out in force for a Multi-Faith evening on the 26th February. All bar one turned up, along with members of Coggeshall Guides. The evening was supported by Fr Philip Banks from St Peter ad Vincula Coggeshall, presenting a Christian view, and Dr Mateen Durrani from Colchester University, presenting a Muslim view. During the evening a general discussion took place around the differences and similarities between the three main religions, Judaism, Islam and Christianity. This was an excellent experience, in which everyone was able to take a part, ask questions and discuss answers. A whole variety of aspects of faith and life were aired, including war and peace, women’s rights, science and religion, creation, scripture, ethics and the human spirit. There was also discussion on the idea that the practice of all three religions was often tainted by the culture of their country, and this sometimes negatively affected the true teachings of their scriptures – a good example is that all religions have strong teachings encouraging non-violence, and yet the culture in which they are set sometimes distorts this. At the end of the evening everyone came away having learnt something, and having a better understanding of each others views, thoughts, and religions – and there was an acknowledgement that the many things that we have in common far outweigh the things that divide us. A big thank you goes to Fr Philip Banks and Dr Mateen Durrani for giving up their Friday evening to help us.













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