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Legend Explorer Shelter the Beavers    (11/22/2010)

ShelterBox fund raising event by Legend Explorer Scout pulls in £400....
Legend Explorer Scouts hosted a Sleep Over for 1st Coggeshall Beavers in St. Peter-ad-Vincula Church in Coggeshall.
The Explorers built a shelter out of old pallets, bits of wood and cardboard, all in aid of the ShelterBox charity. The shelter was then used, along with tents for a Beaver Sleep Over allowing 16 Beavers to gain their Nights away badge and work toward their International Partnerships award.
Money was raised by asked for donations from everyone who slept over and then followed up with asking for donations from the people of Coggeshall in return for some very lovely home make cakes.
Legend Explorer Scout have busted a gut recently and taken their fund raising from just over £200 to a staggering £975.00,
With each ShelterBox costing £590, Legend are wondering if they can push their fund the extra hundred pound to be able to supply 2 ShelterBoxes.
Are you willing to help them?













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