This page lists some of the current training information we have for Young Leaders.

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General documents Young Leaders' Essentials Factsheet
Explorer Scout Young Leaders' Scheme
Young Leaders - Information for Beaver Scout Leaders
Young Leaders - Information for Cub Scout Leaders
Young Leaders - Information for Scout Leaders
Working with Young Leaders in your Colony
Working with Young Leaders in your Pack
Working with Young Leaders in your Troop
Role description for an Explorer Scout Leader (Young Leaders)
All Modules
A - Young Leaders' Scheme
Prepare for take off!
Module A - Factsheet
Module A - Presentation
Module A - Notes
Module A - Risk Assessment Sheet
Module A - Flash Cards
B - Young Leaders' Scheme
Taking the lead!
Module B - Factsheet
Module B - Presentation
Module B - Notes
Module B - Case Studies
Module B - Task Number Grid
C - Young Leaders' Scheme
That's the way to do it!
Module C - Factsheet
Module C - Presentation
Module C - Notes
Module C - Practical Skills Grid
Module C - Project
D - Young Leaders' Scheme
Kids behaving badly!
Module D - Factsheet
Module D - Presentation
Module D - Notes
Module D - Case Studies
Module D - Worksheet
E - Young Leaders' Scheme
Game on!
Module E - Factsheet
Module E - Presentation
F - Young Leaders' Scheme
Special people!
Module F - Factsheet
Module F - Presentation
Module F - Notes
Module F - Case Studies
G - Young Leaders' Scheme
Programme plans
Module G - Factsheet
Module G - Presentation
H - Young Leaders' Scheme
Programme plans plus
Module H - Factsheet
Module H - Presentation
Module H - Presentation (Review of Module G&H)
I - Young Leaders' Scheme
What did they say?
Module I - Factsheet
Module I - Presentation
J - Young Leaders' Scheme
Awards and badges
Module J - Presentation
K - Young Leaders' Scheme First Aid NONE
Mission 1 Mission 1 - Factsheet
Mission 1 - Document
Mission 1 - Beaver Section
Mission 1 - Cub Section
Mission 1 - Scout Section
Mission 2 Mission 2 - Factsheet
Mission 2 - Document
Mission 2 - Beaver Section
Mission 2 - Cub Section
Mission 2 - Scout Section
Mission 3 Mission 3 - Factsheet
Mission 3 - Document
Mission 3 - Beaver Section
Mission 3 - Cub Section
Mission 3 - Scout Section
Mission 4 Mission 4 - Factsheet
Mission 4 - Document
Mission 4 - Beaver Section
Mission 4 - Cub Section
Mission 4 - Scout Section
Various Images
Logos Explorers Logo
Scout Logo
Scout Logo (Purple and Green)
Scout Logo (Purple and White)
Scout Logo
Purple Scout Badge
Grey Scout Badge
Various Explorer Based Images Camping
Gathering Wood
Taste Test